In Organic PV (OPV), Solliance has the ambition to develop its excellent knowledge base into a viable industry. In the lab, stability and electric output have been demonstrated on surfaces of 1 cm2. But in order to make a significant contribution to the world’s energy production, OPV modules will have to be produced in the size of square kilometers. Present spincoat technology will have to be replaced, ultimately by atmospheric roll-to-roll printing and coating processes. But the present stage of development asks for a maximum of flexibility which excludes making early technological choices. Therefore, sheet-to-sheet processes (like inkjet printing) and roll-to-roll processes (like slot-die coating) are both being developed. Solliance also focuses on development of better substrates, extremely thin and light cells, lifetime improvement in commercial use, and reduction of indium-tin oxide use because of its fragile nature and the possibly limited availability of indium in the world.