OPV / Perovskites

In Organic PV (OPV) and Perovskites Solliance has the ambition to develop its excellent knowledge base into a viable industry. In order to make a significant contribution to the world’s energy production, modules will have to be produced in the size of square kilometers; OPV and Perovskite solar panels have the potential to be produced in large volumes at low production costs.

Spincoat technology is being used in the lab while atmospheric printing and coating processes are being optimized by Solliance in pilot production facilities, using large area Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll processing systems. Various printing technologies are being used such as slot-die coating, inkjet printing and screen printing, in processing conditions ranging from ambient till fully temperature and humidity controlled particle-free inert environment .

Both rigid and flexible substrates are being processed, enabling the application of the solar panels in many different domains, such as integration in buildings, infrastructure, greenhouses and vehicles. At Solliance all imaginable testing and characterization facilities are available, giving quick feedback to the researchers and supporting short iteration loops and a sound basis for statistical analysis.

Solliance and its partners are using and further developing world-leading thin-film barrier technologies that enable a long lifetime of the flexible solar panels in all operating conditions.