Solliance manufactures complete back-end interconnected CIGS mini-module

At the end of 2016, Solliance started a project to develop a stable, reproducible and industrial up scale able process to manufacture CuInGa(Se,S)2 devices using electrochemical deposition, with a cell conversion efficiency above 15%. A record cell with an efficiency of 15.6% was produced only 6 months later, using electrochemical deposition of copper, indium and gallium. But the only way to create cells using this potential less expensive production technology, is with Back-end Interconnect technology.

With an optimised homogeneity and uniformity of the CIGS absorber layer, we succeeded in manufacturing a fully interconnected mini module using Back End Interconnect technology. This technology makes it possible to realise an interconnected CIGS based device in one final processing step. The mini module (200 x 185 mm) contains of 37 cells and has an aperture efficiency of 9.3% (average cell results of reference plates was 11.9%). The P1 scribe was made without shunting, an important milestone in this development of our Back-end Interconnection process for CIGS based solar module.

The Back-end Interconnect technology is demonstrated and opens the way to free form and fully customisable CIGS modules

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If you are interested in this technology, please contact us directly, request directly for an appoinment or visit us at booth B11 during the EU-PVSEC from 25-28 September 2017 in Amsterdam.

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