HighTech meets Design

The next gear towards creative innovation

The strong design and high tech scene in Eindhoven creates impressive concepts where these two worlds collide. Still, there is a huge potential for these powers to put their creative heads together.

What we have seen so far is only a sample of the possibilities; there is more ground to win.  Designers have great ideas that too often remain in their conceptual stages.

High-tech companies have innovations on their shelves waiting for designers to invent applications for them.

Solliance challenges designers to develop ideas based on energy generating solar raods and pavements. What do you think when I say “Solar Square”? What ideas come up on a concept of open urban spaces combined with the urban hunger for energy?

So let’s meet up on the 16th of May for the second edition of ‘HighTech meets Design’ and create an innovation arena to turn our fantastic design and tech qualities into a key resource for business.

This DDW kick-off event will lead up to a presentation of cases, products and new alliances during Dutch Design Week 2017.

Pre-program ‘What if lab: `Marathon Eindhoven’

10.00-12.00    5 design pitches What if Lab Marathon Eindhoven, by Dutch Design Foundation.
With an introduction by designer Arne Hendriks.

Start HTMD program

12.30-12.45  Registration (coffee/tea)

12.45-13.00  Word of welcome
Martijn Paulen (Dutch Design Foundation)

13.00-13.45  Panel discussion with the audience

Panel members:
Geert Christiaanse – Senior Director of Design Innovation at Philips Design
Guido D’hert – Managing Director Communications, Media & Technology at Accenture
Koen Snoeckx – Baltan Laboratories & Creative Ring
Marijn van der Poll – Conceptual Thinking.eu

13.45-14.45  Explorations for cooperation

• What if Lab Marathon Eindhoven by Dutch Design Foundation – Announcement selection definitive proposal.

• Solar Energy meets Dutch Design: Solarsquare by Solliance

• Converting toilet water into clean drinking water by IPStar spinout SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs

• Open Call: Wear Sustain – Ethical Wearables (EU H2020) by Creative Ring

• 2,5D printing techniques by 40Layers

14.45-15:00  Short break & network drink

15.00-16.30  Break out sessions – Explorations for Cooperation (4 round table sessions)

16.30-18.00  Roundup & Network drink

Explorations for cooperation

During High Tech meets Design different themes will be explored for cooperation. You are able to join in the following 5 programs:

What if Lab: Marathon Eindhoven – Dutch Design Foundation
Design the ultimate finish for the 34th Eindhoven Marathon

Every year hundreds of marathons are organised around the world, in ordinary and surprising places, from Eindhoven to the Great Wall of China. The character of each of these events is inextricably linked with the environment in which the event takes place.

Eindhoven is characterised by innovation, cooperation and creativity. The connections between technology and science, the manufacturing industry and design are in the region’s DNA.

To make participation in the Eindhoven Marathon a unique and unforgettable experience we now call on the help of designers with the following design assignment:

Design an experience so that the Eindhoven Marathon runners will never forget crossing the finish.

During High Tech meets Design there will be a presentation of 5 proposals from design agencies and the final selection will be presented by the jury.

For more information check the What if Lab website here .
If you wish to join the What if Lab presentations, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.

If you wish to join the 40Layers Break Out Session, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.

Design a Solar Square for the heart of the city of Eindhoven

Solliance and Hanergy develop technology to generate power from solar roads and pavement. Solliance is developing more technology to create power generation components. How can you use that technology in public space? How can you allow city dwellers to enjoy solar energy? How can you make public space energy neutral?

Develop a prototype of your idea together with our Solar network!

If you wish to join the Solliance Break Out Session, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.

Start-up is looking for a designer! – SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs
Converting toilet water into clean drinking water

SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs is developing a sanitation unit that is ready for the prototype phase. The unit provides first aid for disasters by firstly offering hygienic toilets and washing facilities. Seconldy, within two days, the unit processes the yellow and gray water streams to clean water and nutrients. The unit therefore provides water for basic survival and water and thirdly, nutrients for growing vegetables (within one week, the first pick in specially equipped containers are realized with LED). The technology is inspired by life support systems from MELiSSA space research ESA.

The unit is not initially deployed for disasters, but will be tested at overnight events. The technical feasibility has been demonstrated. The blueprint is complete. The economic feasibility is a fact, and appears to be positive for commitment to disasters and in, e.g. refugee camps.

We are looking for designers who want to work with our team to maximize the visibility of our demo, minimal water use, perception factors and ensure safety of users.

If you wish to join the SEMiLLA Break Out Session, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.

Open Call: Wear Sustain,  Ethical Wearables (EU H2020) – Creative Ring
Collaborative art, design and technology innovation in Wearable Technology and smart/e-textiles

WEAR Sustain is organising two Europe-wide competitions in April 2017 and October 2017, to develop what could or should be considered Next Generation Wearables and smart textiles that are critical-ethical-aesthetic.

The program is seeking applications from teams in art or design to work with technology or engineering entrepreneurs to co-innovate. We aim to support strong, well-developed ideas and take prototypes to the next level.

A total fund of €2.4m will be made available over two years, to fund 48 teams. Partners will receive support via innovation vouchers and input from mentors, experts and hubs to help realise their ideas, and help towards taking prototypes to market.

Progress made will be monitored and observations gathered to contribute to a Sustainability Strategy, to guide future ethical and sustainable or circular design and development methodologies.

For more information check the Creative Ring website here.

If you wish to join the Creative Ring Break Out Session, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.

2,5D Printing Techniques  – 40Layers

Are you a creative designer looking for new techniques that make your designs unique? We have good news for you!  Our 2,5D patented technology gives you the opportunity to create out-standing designs by adding a new dimension to them.

Join our online forum and test our technique for your new innovative designs.

If you wish to join the 40Layers Break Out Session, please make your choice in the enrollment menu.


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