ITMO University opens Shared Research Lab, inspired by Holst Centre and Solliance

Recently ITMO University in St. Petersburg opened a new laboratory where students and researchers will work on photovoltaics and organic electronics. Solliance and Holst Centre together with their Dutch university partners worked together with Solartek, former partner in Solliance and Holst Centre Shared Research Programs, to define and install a new shared research lab facility for Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics at the ITMO University in Sint-Petersburg.

Solliance was invited at the opening and represented by Dr. Ronn Andriessen, Program Director at Solliance Solar Research. ITMO’s new Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics Laboratory is the result of collaboration of different industrial companies and Russian universities. The laboratory’s main goal is to conduct R&D in the field of organic electronics and photovoltaic materials and devices.

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