Solar power in abundance: future dream or almost reality?

Energy generated from sun. Soon it will provide a warm house and the large-scale production of sustainable fuels. But if you only apply the current generation techniques for the required new solar installations, then that requires a lot of scarce space. How can you cleverly adjust the generation of solar power into the available space? And, does your next electric car generate the necessary electricity itself?

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Guest in this podcast episode is Wim Sinke, Professor of Photovoltaic Conversion at the University of Amsterdam. Sinke is also affiliated to ECN Part of TNO, the research center in the Netherlands where the renewable energy supply is concerned. In addition, Arjo van der Ham joins. He is one of the people behind and co-founder of the company that develops the Light Year One. An example of the next generation of electric cars that generate electricity by means of integrated solar cells in the bodywork.

Integrated solar power generation

Sinke is positive about the chances of integrating the generation of solar energy into the Dutch public space. In addition, he argues for daring and creative thinking. According to Sinke, the current dark, rectangular solar panels that you now often see on roofs disappear in the short term. The new generation of panels can be produced in any color and shape. They are no longer placed on, but processed in roofs, facades and windows. We can also quickly take steps when it comes to roads that generate electricity.

First production car powered by solar power

Since 2016, Arjo van der Ham has been working with more than 50 employees on the development of the first production car powered by solar power: the Lightyear One. Where the regular automotive industry uses solar cells to supply the air conditioning with electricity, Lightyear’s car actually runs on solar power. Arjo talks about the technical challenges they face in the development of the car. He also answers the question whether or not you need to top up and how ECN part or TNO contributes. The project originated from the successful solar car project Stella of Eindhoven University of Technology.

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