Brabant Innovation Day 2021


Brabant Innovation Day 2021

Since 2017, the province of Noord-Brabant has been organizing ‘Brabant Innovation Days’ abroad. The province offers knowledge institutes a platform to present their work and their strength with the aim of recruiting (international) customers. The revenues contribute to the Brabant economy.

During the Brabant Innovation Days, workshops and presentations are given by R&D centers from Brabant to the international business community. The aim is to bring together companies from different sectors that are interested in innovations in health, solar energy, food, automotive and data communication, among others. With the ultimate goal that new products are developed.

As a participant, you will gain unprecedented access to the leaders of top Applied Research and Development Centres in the Southern Netherlands, including Holst CentreSolliance Solar ResearchBrightlands Materials CenterTNO Food & Pharma, and Eindhoven Engine. We will also include input from relevant departments within Eindhoven University of Technology, (including Quantum Materials & Technology Center and the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems).
The latest agenda of talking points for both online discussions on April 22nd can be downloaded here. 

Registration is free and it gives you the opportunity to contribute questions and suggestions, making follow-up easy during and after the event. Registration means you’ll be the first to receive the special link for the live sessions on Thursday, April 22nd 2021. Space in our virtual on-line discussion room is limited, so we can shape the event to match what participants want to know and contribute

Register to ensure your front row seat in this special on-line discussion now.

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