Partner Workshops starts Solliance 2.0

Partner Workshops starts Solliance 2.0

After some time, a successful Solliance network event took place at Eindhoven University of Technology on May 15th. The program consisted of workshops on various research topics followed by a reception during which Em. Prof. Wim Sinke was awarded the Solliance 2.0 Recognition Award for his efforts into the development of a joint R&D framework for the future of Solliance. Next, Perine Fleury from Bioshpere Solar received the Solliance 2.0 Young Start-Up Stimulation Award on behalf of the Biosphere team, after a fascinating presentation of their vision on 100% recyclable and repairable PV modules. All volunteers of this event are kindly thanked for their support and of course the awardees are warmheartedly congratulated! We hope to soon repeat such an inspirational network event.

Solliance is a Dutch, Flemish, German partnership that wants to realize a concentration of effort of the parties involved in research in manufacturing, installation and use of systems for energy generation by solar cells. The objective of the collaboration is to attune, coordinate and initiate research and development in areas selected for this purpose to be carried out by the R&D partners. Solliance partnership 2023: TNO, imec, Eindhoven University of Technology, Forschungszentrum Jülich, University of Hasselt, Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and many stakeholders in industry and governmental bodies.

Photo: The afternoon generated good interactions and discussions between scientists and industry colleagues while enjoying a social setting with some drinks. Photo by Niels van Loon

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