TNO Webinar: Time for sustainable solar energy

How can solar energy become even more sustainable.

TNO Webinar: Time for sustainable solar energy

In this interactive webinar, we will discuss how solar energy can become even more sustainable and address the footprint of solar energy, circularity and recycling of solar panels.

Sustainable for earth and man

Solar energy is a well-known renewable source of energy and an indispensable building block for a climate-neutral energy supply. However, an impact with solar energy requires application on a massive scale and that is only possible if solar power is sustainable for the earth and for people in every respect. In other words, if solar energy is sustainable, or rather, even more sustainable than it is now. We are working very hard on this. Globally and by TNO and partners.

The CO₂ footprint of solar energy, which is mainly related to the production of fossil fuels, must be further reduced, the use of materials must be further reduced and solar energy must become circular. In addition, solar panels must be optimally integrated into our living environment and combined with nature and the environment. Now that the consequences of climate change are already so clearly and painfully noticeable, time is perhaps the most important factor. We are in a desperate hurry to make sustainable solar power available on a large scale.


  • What is sustainable solar energy? Its ambitions and challenges. By Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke, Principal Investigator Solar Energy at TNO and Professor UvA.
  • Sustainability & circularity: European strategy and policy for sustainable solar power. By Dr. Mara Hauck, researcher TNO and TU/e.
  • Sustainability & circularity of solar energy in practice: technological solutions. By Dr. Mirjam Theelen, researcher TNO.
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