Two world-records for 4T perovskite tandem

Perovskite / silicon tandem with 29,2% conversion efficiency

Two world-records for 4T perovskite tandem

Solliance partners TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology (in particular the M2N group of Prof. R.A.J. Janssen) have further optimized the the wide-bandgap (1.69eV) perovskite cells with high near-infrared transparency for 4T tandem application. The perovskite cell has reached a stabilized efficiency of 17.8% during 5-min maximum-power-point tracking. In combination with the Panasonic silicon bottom cell, a new world-record 4T perovskite/Si tandem efficiency of 29.2% is realized. In combination with the Miasolé CIGS bottom cell a word-record efficiency of 27.1% is demonstrated for a flexible 4T perovskite/CIGS tandem.

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