We are solar energy!

Solliance is a Dutch, Flemish, German partnership that wants to realize a concentration of effort of the parties involved in research in the manufacture, installation and use of systems for energy generation by solar cells. The objective of the collaboration is to attune, coordinate and initiate research and development in areas selected for this purpose to be carried out by the R&D partners.


Solliance partnership 2023: TNO, imec, Eindhoven University of Technology, Forschungszentrum Jülich, University of Hasselt, Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and many stakeholders in industry and governmental bodies.

Solar energy everywhere

Vision Solliance Solar Research

Solar energy is the future. In this future, every surface of every construction or device can be used to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar energy will play a decisive role to enable a sustainable society based on renewable energy generation. Collaboration and shared knowledge generation accelerates development towards this goal.

  • Enable seamless integration of solar technology on every surface
  • Working towards massive application of solar in infrastructure, building materials and transport. Realizing groundbreaking improvements in production and application designs. Developing technologies for adaptable, flexible and semi-transparent photovoltaic systems on an economically viable level
  • Bringing together the value chain in a broad network as shared perspectives reinforce and accelerate developments
  • Translating academic research innovations into industrial applications and production methods for solar applications. In our research programs we bring industry and science together and collaborate in a concerted effort by sharing knowledge and facilities

Accelerate the development of integrated solar electricity though a unique collaboration model

Mission Solliance Solar Research

We are shared research

Solliance stands for shared research, we believe that by working together with partners and inspiring each other, new perspectives and fruitful ideas will emerge. When you join one of our research programs, we will share our knowledge and experience with you. You can participate in the development of promising technologies and processes in the field of thin-film solar one-on-one, or in a multi-lateral set-up with other parties.

Solliance Solar Research is part of a network of companies and knowledge institutions that are active worldwide in the development and production of thin-film solar panels. We give lectures at relevant global conferences and publish in scientific journals. The research earns recognition at the European and global level by our collaborating with leading institutes and by publishing our research results in renowned scientific papers.


Starting your research with Solliance Solar Research?

Would you like to benefit from Solliance’s knowledge and equipment? That can be done in different ways:

You become a member of the extensive Solliance network

This network includes universities, research centers and leading companies in fields such as solar, mechanical engineering, chemicals, construction and automotive. As a network member you remain informed of the latest developments.

You participate in one of our shared research programmes

Together with others you participate in the development of economically promising technologies or processes in the field of thin film solar. The total R&D budget of a research programme is composed of the financial contributions of the individual participants and of subsidies. This increases the possibilities and limits the risks. Collaboration can also significantly shorten the time to market. Generally participants in a programme will have the right to use the generated knowledge for their own application.

You start your own research with Solliance

We supply the knowledge and infrastructure and we collaborate on research and development. Projects are often focused on a new application of thin film PV or its integration into existing products or processes.

You want to use equipment and knowledge of Solliance

We are happy to offer employees of our partners the opportunity to work on research programs and projects for a longer period of time within our institute. This way we realize an efficient transfer of knowledge.


Solliance Solar Research has various forms to work together in solar research, including participation in Shared Research programs, contract research and participation in EU projects.

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Shared research

We believe in shared research because by working with partners, new perspectives and new ideas emerge. 
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History of Solliance Solar Research

Joining forces in the field of research into the latest generation of solar cells. To that end, Solliance was founded in 2010. The research organisation is founded by imec, TNO, Holst Centre, ECN and TU/e.

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Other universities and research institutes have joined in the following years, as did some leading industrial partners, to play a significant role in global research into the solar technology of the future.


Solliance Solar Research took shape when the province of Noord-Brabant decided to support the joining of forces with a financial injection of 28 million euros. As a result, a dedicated research location could be established at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, which was opened in June 2014.


The Solliance lab has approximately 2000 square meters of lab and production space, hosting semi-industrial test facilities for the production of thin film PV modules. Science and industry come together to develop and further improve production processes. The building also includes another 1,800 square meters of offices and laboratories. All this is to facilitate efficient research and development projects in the field of thin film solar cell technology.

The Solliance network

Current and former Industrial partners

You can take part in one of our Shared Research Programmes. Together with others, you can participate in the development of financially promising technologies or processes in the field of thin film photovoltaics.

Job opportunities

Solliance Solar Research offers you the opportunity to do ground-breaking work and help customers with innovative, practical, smart solutions. And all that with an attractive package of benefits.

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